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WHETHER you have long association with a shul or not, the difficult time of a bereavement needs handling with care and compassion. Harrogate Shul prides itself on a warm, supporting congregation to guide you through Jewish tradition to give your loved one the best send off, commemorate their life and their passing.

Harrogate Shul has a well-established, easy joining process  – which you may be interested to know more about.  For information, including regarding the relatively low burial fees, please contact us.

In case of bereavement, please call us and our compassionate and knowledgable lay leadership will assist you personally.


Harrogate Stonefall Cemetery

OUR TRANQUIL AND SERENE Jewish cemetery is probably the most beautifully set of all the Jewish facilities in our region in semi-woodland to the south-east of Harrogate, close to Wetherby Road. The peaceful countryside location adjoins the non-Jewish cemetery.

Nearby is the Stonefall Military Cemetery, where over 1000 of the fallen from World War II are laid to rest.  Those buried at Stonefall include Sir Montague and Lady Sophia Burton - the Burton family have always been generous supporters of the community since its foundation. A "virtual" cemetery database provided here contains details of 179 burials in the Jewish Cemetery and six Jewish burials in the Military cemetery. It has been assembled from digital photographs of the headstones. This database covers all burials and consecrations up to 30 September 2014.