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Shabbat UK


Shabbat UK was a great success with regular attenders and many visitors who haven’t been before which is what it is all about. Alan Jacobs conducted a lively service and delivered a relevant short sermon appreciated by all. The beautiful Kiddush was enjoyed by everyone with a wonderful friendly atmosphere. A visitor from New York said “the best part of the weekend was spending time with your family and being made to feel like I belonged with all the friendly people at shul.”




Meaningful Service

Saturday 4th February, 8th Shevat saw our 14th Annual Holocaust Service officiated superbly by Rev. Gerald Harris who also delivered a poignant and meaningful sermon.  Arek Hersh,  Holocaust survivor retold his emotional experiences to a silent, visibly moved congregation of a record 150 members, guests and officials, including the Lord Lieutenant, Barry Dodds who spoke passionately about the occasion,  Mayor, Councillor Nick Brown who delivered a superbly prepared speech, much commended by those present and MP Mr. Andrew Jones who further confirmed his full support and that of the Government for Holocaust Memorial Day.  Also in attendance was Lt. Col Strickland and Commanding Officer of the Army Apprentice College and Ms Garrod, Chief of Menwith Hill.  Many more visiting officials attended to show their support. There was unprecedented unified praise for the proceedings by those present.

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The Boss!

The first visit of a current Chief Rabbi since 1925  - 

The highlight of 2016 was unequivocally when we had the privilege and honour of welcoming Chief Rabbi Mirvis for the first time on Sunday 4th December. Chief Rabbi Mirvis left Harrogate Synagogue members, guests and dignitaries captivated and enthralled when his chosen theme was ‘connections.’ He certainly connected with our shul as he promised the community that he will return when the shul celebrates its centenary in 2018, commenting, “I'm coming," to a delighted congregation.

Article received from Christ Church Magazine congregant.

Holocaust Memorial Day 4th February 2017

Recently I had an invite to the Holocaust Memorial Day at the Harrogate Hebrew Congregation. What a great welcome of ‘Shalom.’ 

Arriving early I heard all the prayers in Hebrew, hoping I could catch a few phrases I would know (not many, but a couple of words I do recognise!) However, reading from the prayer book, starting at the back, I read the Morning Prayer and actually recognised a lot from our own morning prayer, following a familiar pattern and rigidity. Obviously, we have the similarity that the Old Testament is the Torah, Books of the Pentateuch and Haftarah. Throughout the prayers I was intrigued by the great respect of the knowledge of God. However, losing my place due to my own lack of knowledge of Hebrew! We had readings from the Law and Jeremiah.

In the sermon, Rev. Gerald Harris, said that the Holocaust was terrible in every sense of the word. He reminded us that it wasn’t just against the Jew, but any person that was not party of the Aryan race. It was discrimination at its worst. We still divide ourselves, when there is no real division. He reminded us that we should never forget, but we should also work together that it never happens again…

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