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Shabbat UK


Shabbat UK was a great success with regular attenders and many visitors who haven’t been before which is what it is all about. Alan Jacobs conducted a lively service and delivered a relevant short sermon appreciated by all. The beautiful Kiddush was enjoyed by everyone with a wonderful friendly atmosphere. A visitor from New York said “the best part of the weekend was spending time with your family and being made to feel like I belonged with all the friendly people at shul.”




Meaningful Service

Saturday 4th February, 8th Shevat saw our 14th Annual Holocaust Service officiated superbly by Rev. Gerald Harris who also delivered a poignant and meaningful sermon.  Arek Hersh,  Holocaust survivor retold his emotional experiences to a silent, visibly moved congregation of a record 150 members, guests and officials, including the Lord Lieutenant, Barry Dodds who spoke passionately about the occasion,  Mayor, Councillor Nick Brown who delivered a superbly prepared speech, much commended by those present and MP Mr. Andrew Jones who further confirmed his full support and that of the Government for Holocaust Memorial Day.  Also in attendance was Lt. Col Strickland and Commanding Officer of the Army Apprentice College and Ms Garrod, Chief of Menwith Hill.  Many more visiting officials attended to show their support. There was unprecedented unified praise for the proceedings by those present.

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The Boss!

The first visit of a current Chief Rabbi since 1925  - 

The highlight of 2016 was unequivocally when we had the privilege and honour of welcoming Chief Rabbi Mirvis for the first time on Sunday 4th December. Chief Rabbi Mirvis left Harrogate Synagogue members, guests and dignitaries captivated and enthralled when his chosen theme was ‘connections.’ He certainly connected with our shul as he promised the community that he will return when the shul celebrates its centenary in 2018, commenting, “I'm coming," to a delighted congregation.

Superb Centenary Celebrations 21st and 22nd April 2018

The Centenary weekend was a phenomenal success.  On Shabbos, (Saturday) over one hundred community members, visitors and friends attended. Rev Harris conducted the lengthy service in his usual calm and collected fashion together with a very apt sermon. Joel Camissar recited Musaf which was beautiful and brought back so many memories of around twenty five years ago when he led the service as a young man The hall was beautifully decorated with pictures and memorabilia from the past plus the Israeli and Canadian flag as well as the Union Jack of course. Past President, Leslie Fox spoke very well. Malcolm Weisman, former Minister for small synagogues also spoke extremely well and with great poignancy.  The elaborate kiddush was delicious and plentiful; there was a  fantastic carnival atmosphere with everyone enjoying this special occasion.

This was the case on Sunday too. It was truly amazing. It is difficult to say how many were there but at a guess around 160. The afternoon started with klezmer music, which set the atmosphere for a wonderful occasion. Attending were the Lord Lieutenant, the High Sheriff, the Mayor, Canadian Lt. Col, Simon Rushen in full uniform, Andrew Jones, MP, President of Leeds Rep Council, past mayors, clergy from all different faiths including representatives from Leeds Synagogues and of course the Chief Rabbi.

The speakers included Anita Royston reflecting on her early memories, as did Elizabeth Lawrence both of whom spoke really well. Then twins, John and Norman Slater entertained us all with their honest account of their cheder days. They really brought the house down with their admission of some rather ‘naughty’ antics in order to avoid attending. Then Jeff Brownhut presented an account of the Canadian Airmen who were befriended by the Harrogate Jewish community. A certificate was presented to the Lt. Colonel which was followed by Kaddish for the Canadian Airmen and all Harrogate community members who have died over the past 100 years. Then Chief Rabbi Mirvis spoke absolutely brilliantly giving us a message of Thanksgiving and his hopes and blessings for the future. There are no other words for it, he was amazing. Short addresses followed by Andrew Jones, the Mayor and the Lord Lieutenant who spoke extremely well. A presentation and thanks to Philip Morris who works tirelessly for the synagogue concluded the proceedings. Before we went into the hall for a magnificent tea, the President, Bernard Cohen led the National Anthem and Hatikva .

There was a buzz, an atmosphere never seen before.  The food was superb (on both days).  The appreciation shown by the non Jewish people and the VIP's was heartwarming.  It was Really superb.    Feedback has been extensive and wonderful with some of the comments seen below;

 “We want to congratulate you and to thank you for a most enjoyable, memorable and magnificent weekend.  All your hard work came to fruition in the most wonderful way.
A good time was had by all, and it was a pleasure to be part of it.” CM and MB

“Thank you for inviting me to the event on Sunday. It was a wonderful experience I enjoyed it very much. The speakers were all excellent and the food was gorgeous.” CS

“Today's atmosphere was formidable ! Warm and welcoming is an understatement . It was a Shul celebration unlike any other !! Well done all !!” SM

 “I just had to write to congratulate you both (ladies on the exec) on the success of this wonderful weekend.  I know it’s been hard work and very stressful, but I do hope that you both have a feeling of satisfaction at having made so many people so happy.  The atmosphere in the Shul both yesterday and today, was just the best. Please also pass on my congratulations and thanks to all the boys on the executive who also worked very hard.” SD

“I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to all who were involved in making last weekend so memorable. I felt privileged to have witnessed it. .Thank you” HD